Russian Draft Law with Detailed Descriptions of Psychotronic Weapons, Nov. 200

Thanks to Emilia Cherkova for sending this Nov. 2000 proposed Draft law. This law describes psychotronic weapons in great detail. Translation by Ramon Ruelas.

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Federal Assembly --Parliament of the Russian Federation

Govermental Duma

Committee on Safety


From the 30th of November of the year 2000           No. 28/3

Regarding the draft of the Federal Law
"About the submission of addendum to Article 6 of the Federal Law "About weapons"

Having examined the draft of the Federal law "About the Submission of addendum to Article 6 of the Federal law "About Weapons", The Committee of the Governmental Duma for Safety has ruled:

  1. To recommend that the Governmental Duma adopt the draft of the Federal law "About the submission of addendum to Article 6 of the Federal Law "About weapons" in the first reading.
  2. To appoint a second speaker in accordance with the directiveon law-drafting from the deputy of the Governmental Duma [Iljukhin] Victor Ivanovich.
  3. To authorize the actual Resolution with the text of the [law-drafting] and all of its supporting documents in the Soviet Governmental Duma, for inclusion in the [law- drafts] of the day's plenary meeting of the Governmental Duma for the 20th of December of the year 2000.

Committee Representative
A.I. Gurov

9[m] 1053 CN Sunday, 25 September 2000, 17:36 Page No. 1(1)


The Law-draft proposes an addendum to Article 6 of the Federal law "About Weapons" status, in accordance with which, in the territory of the Russian Federation, is prohibited the circulation in a civilian capacity and military, weapons and other objects, the offensive [attack] operations of which are based on the use of electro-magnetic radiation, infra-sonic radiation and ultra-sonic radiation.

The achievements of contemporary science and technically predetermined informational and psychological technologies allow for the creation of means and methods of secret, remote influencing on the psyches and physiology of a person or of a group of people.

There exists a wide spectre [range] of devices with capabilities of guaranteeing the alteration of the mental capacities of a person, to program his behavior, to breakdown adequate reactions and to artificially foster symptoms of dependency.

Audio-visual influencing is accomplished through auditory or optical channels, when very weak, low-threshholds of irritation, which are not consciously perceived, are instilled deeply into the subconsciousness and imperceptibly orients the thinking and behavior of a person in an predetermined fashion.

With the aid of ultra-sonics, [devices {not legible}] or mechanical influences of [expansive] frequencies greater than 100 Hz, not noticed by a person, exert influences on the mental structures and nervous system, resulting in pain in the head, dizziness, a deterioration of the vision and of breathing [functions], and convulsions which can lead to the loss of consciousness.

The use of infra-sonic (very low-frequency, lower than 16 Hz) of a low intensity (of about 120 decibels) causes nausea, ringing in the ears, a deterioration of the vision, and generalized suffering. The sonic [sounds{effects}] of medium intensity (up to 130 decibels) break down the organs of digestion and the brain, resulting in paralysis and sometimes blindness. The effects of infra-sonics of an intensity of 130 decibels and higher can cause in the subject the stoppage of the heart.

Under the influence of ultra-high frequency radiation, there appears a breakdown in the interpretation of reality, weariness, dizziness, head pains; and the heart, the brain and the central nervous system can also be damaged. In the capacity of an [transmitive{as opposed to receptive}] antenna, for the transmission of such waves can be used telephonic equipment [devices], heating and sewer pipes, televisions, and fire-prevention [pipe/water supply systems{not legible}].

In practically the entire world, work on "methods of hidden influencing on the psyches of humans" are considered a [high] priority and enter into the roll of the most important technologies of the XXI century. The [intelligence agencies] of government insert into their military doctrines articles about the priority of the application on the front lines -in regional conflicts -of non-lethal weapons which allow for the attainment of victory with the least amount of losses, not only among its own troops, but also among the troops of the opposition.

At the initiative of the USA, within the framework of NATO, there was created a special workers group for the perspective use of devices of non-lethal effects for the coordination of [developments/breakthroughs] conducted in this field in Great Britain, France, Germany and Denmark. Generators were created in Frankfurt Institute for Chemical Technologies (Germany), intended for the treatment [dealing with/management] of large crowds in conditions of mass disorder. The transmissions of the latest French [devices{not legible}] are capable of not only penetrating through concrete and armour (plating), but also they can very quickly break them down. According to reports in means of mass information, the British army, in the year 1995, conducted in Northern Ireland field [real-time] testing of non-lethal weapons for dispersal of crowds. There are also available facts regarding the application of electro-magnetic weapons against subjects in Yugoslavia in the year 1999.

The creation of infra-sonic devices of [attack] was declared a priority in the USA, among all of the developments [in the field of] non-lethal weapons. According to the evaluation of military specialists, the American army, with the aid of un-manned, lethal devices, is capable -with the aid of a SVCh. (ultra-high frequency) generator --of stopping -at a distance of several hundred meters from shore, an enemy ship of a sea landing force. According to the appraisal of the Stockholm International Insitute of World Problems (SIPRI), in the next two years, expenditures in the USA for the development and purchase of non-lethal weapons will exceed a billion dollars.

At the present time, through the Federal law "About Weapons," is it forbidden within the territory of the Russian Federation, in a civilian capacity and armed services, the circulation of weapons and other objects, the offensive operations of which are based only on the uses of radioactive radiation and biological factors, but they do not account for the development of informational and psychological technologies, the applications of which enable hidden influencing on the psyches and physiologies of people. This led to, in the Russian Congress, the possibility of the addendum to the Federal law "About Weapons," which bear the aforementioned characteristics. This does not [weaken] the structure of the existing laws and is completely in keeping with its basic direction --the preservation [defense] of the lives of and the health of citizens and in guaranteeing public safety.

On the basis of the included, it is proposed that the draft of the Federal law "About the submission of addendum to Article 6 of the Federal Law "About weapons," introduced by the Assembly of the Krasnojarskii region, be adopted in the first reading.

Committee Representative
A.I. Gurov

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